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WWI Centennial Commemoration, April 6, 2017

April 6, 2017

Today, April 6th, 2017, marks the 100th year since the U.S. Army’s involvement in WWI.

“No commander was ever privileged to lead a finer force; no commander ever derived greater inspiration from the performance of his troops.”

– Gen. John J. Pershing, Commander-in-Chief, American Expeditionary Forces

– The U.S. Army’s involvement in WWI was the catalyst for the Army becoming the world’s most lethal, adaptive, and competent land force in history.

– The Army remains committed to our legacy of global partnerships with allies committed to global security and democratic ideals.

– This WWI Centennial Commemoration honors and remembers those who paid the price for freedom a century ago and highlights the beginning of the 21st Century Army. We commemorate the Army’s role in WWI, which was characterized by our Soldiers’ patriotism, service, and sacrifice.

I am so proud and thankful for what the U.S. Army has done for our country throughout history to protect us.

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