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"Embracing Change: An Immigrant Saga,” is the autobiographical story of the life, faith, and lessons learned of a once 6-year-old Cuban boy on one of the first “Viaje De Libertad” (Freedom Flights).
Guerra’s initial motivation for the book may seem morbid if not outright spooky; no man in his immediate family has lived past the age of 60, and he turns 59 next year.
“I started writing this as way to kind of leave a bit of family history,” said Guerra. “But then on the way through it I thought why not [include] lessons I’ve learned in politics, in business and my own faith journey.”
“Embracing change has been one of the mantras of my family, and that’s why I called it that,” said Guerra. “It’s been the mantra for every refugee, for every immigrant who’s ever came [to the US].”


"Best thing that ever happened to me. August 3, 1985. Amazing things happen when you combine an Irish family with Cuban culture. For many years, the name of our boat was called Mixed Marriage, in reference to both our cultures but also to our alliance to our schools, USC and UCLA."

"My four brothers and I during better times in Cuba. My brother Luis, who is holding me, was my mentor and hero. So much of who I am today has been to live up to his expectations of me."


"A day that changed our entire family and my life forever. I often ponder that fact that I had initially planned on being on board the plane that day. I can't help but wonder if my being there could have changed anything. What if the plane hadn't crashed?"

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