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We Celebrate the Foundation of our Democracy

January 21, 2017

We Celebrate the Foundation of our Democracy

January 20th, 2017 we celebrated the foundation of our democracy. An amazing day for our country to have the peaceful transfer of power that has only happened 44 times before in the history of America. 35 words that are written in our constitution that changes the way we govern when a new President takes the oath of office.

I was in the KABC studio watching the inauguration live with Adrienne Alpert, host of the show Newsmakers (it airs Sunday at 11:30 AM on KABC) and LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis. We discussed the speech and the potential impact our new administration could have on California.

I thought that while his speech didn’t give specifics it had several important points that I thought would be unifying. Reading it again a few minutes ago it reinforced to me the unifying grace and attempt when he said that this moment was our moment. I was encouraged to hear; “ think big, dream bigger”…”pursue solidarity”…”united we are stronger”…”we all bleed the same blood of patriotism”…”no room for prejudice”…”oath of allegiance to all Americans”…”protected by our military and God”…”prosperity through strength”.

I was also happy, for our country, to see Secretary Hillary Clinton there at both the swearing in and the luncheon. I thought it must have been incredibly hard for her. But by her attendance she showed class, great leadership and put unifying our country before her pain or interest.. I was saddened though about the other 64 legislators that could not see beyond politics to attend this historic moment. It truly was about our country today and not any one individual. I thought their actions made them small. It’s about the office not the occupant. It was about the country not partisan politics. I wondered out loud what happened to the phrase “ when they go low we go high “?

Regardless, it was a proud day for America today as we again showed the world that our democratic experiment is bigger, stronger and better than ever. I also think it is important, regardless of politics or policies to thank President Obama for his service to our country. Regarding President Trump, I hope everyone would be willing to see what our new administration proposes before passing any judgement..Watch the show and let me know what you thought.

ABC Newsmakers


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