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Today We Celebrate the End of Tyranny

November 28, 2016

Que Viva Cuba Libre!

Today we celebrate the end of tyranny, of oppression of an absolute ruler that caused so much harm to the very people he claimed to want to help. I was born in Holgiun, Cuba in March 1959 (Castro came into power on January 1, 1959) so I’ve only known one side of this ruler my entire life. I’ve been blessed and we escaped in 1965 on one of the first Viaje de Libertad (freedom flights). We were welcomed by this amazing country that has allowed me to breathe free air to this day.

While I cannot proclaim happiness at somebodies death, today I feel a sense of relief. Yes, of joy for those who are suffering to this day in a homeland and culture I represent by my roots. His legacy is well documented, of starving his countrymen both literally, economically and without human rights. He will be remembered for staying in power for 57 years to the iron fist suppression of communism and a dictatorship.

So no, I’m not happy about death. But I do breathe a little freerer today for so many people. I rejoice for the Cuban people there. I cry for the many lives that he shattered, destroyed and killed. Today represents a new beginning, a new vision, a new future without the burdens of the past. I think of my mom and dad and their struggles to start over and bring our family here to escape this man and what he represented. I wish they were alive to see this. I wonder what their thoughts would be at this day finally arriving.

And lastly, I count my blessings for this great country and what it represents, for welcoming my family, for my amazing life of opportunities. I married into an amazing family that values our country like I do and I know how lucky I’ve been.

I also smile knowing that today, we have Cuba and the Cuban people in our thoughts and hearts. Que Viva Cuba Libre ! #cuba#freedom#newday#future#guerrafamily#vivacubalibre

I’m the little guy in the front right of the table. My brother is right behind me and my sister Abita is right behind him. My mom is the one reaching out and my dad is in the back middle. We loved visiting this family farm, La Vegita.

My birthplace, my hometown.


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