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Relationship with Cuba

December 28, 2014

While it may not be perfect, and a lot more needs to be done, it is a start for the future of an entire generation. A little opening of any door into democracy or liberties are the first steps.

So many have sacrificed so much for freedom in Cuba and while this will not accomplish this right away, it is the first step in a long journey towards democracy and justice. My prayers are with the Cuban people and all those who share a vision for freedom. While it does saddens me to see a dictator who oppressed his own people on the front page with our President, inside I know that justice will one day come to the people of Cuba.

My families’ story is not very different then many who sacrificed so much for a better life escaping a communist regime. I am blessed to have had parents who were willing to leave everything behind for a new life of opportunity. Courage, sacrifice, passion, dedication, pride are words I think of when I think of them and their journey here. I am truly blessed.


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