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PBS SoCal on Republican Latinos: Are they being ignored again?

July 28, 2016

Thank you PBS SoCal

Last week on PBS SoCal we discussed the impact on Latino voters in the upcoming election. Or the impact Latinos WILL have. My good friend and Political Strategist Luis Alvarado and I differ a bit on our positions and direction but nobody can argue that we need to make sure that the good things we have done in our party in California keep moving forward. And that message being delivered is critical. We have some amazing legislators running here in California that we need to re-elect and sometimes the message nationally does impact us negatively here in California. But we are all very united in the principals we share of public safety, great education and creating good jobs. I welcome your thoughts after watching this. Yes, I’ll say it again, all politics are local to an extent.

You can view the entire episode on Studeio SoCal here.

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