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Downey Former Mayors Coalition co-host DUSD Candidates forum

November 11, 2015

Downey Former Mayors Coalition co-host DUSD Candidates forum

I am proud to announce the launch of the Downey Former Mayors Coalition.

We are a group of former Downey Mayors are proud to be serving the community of Downey, Ca as the Downey Former Mayors Coalition.

Our mission as a coalition of stakeholders in Downey is to promote and enhance education and discussion of issues affecting our community.

We are a Non – Partisan coalition who will work together to help inform our residents on issues and candidates that have an impact on Downey at all levels of government.

As the Downey Former Mayors Coalition, we will be posting about upcoming events in the City of Downey to keep the citizens informed about our local community.

We were proud to co-sponsor with The Downey Patriot the 1st Annual Downey Candidates Forum. This forum was for the Downey Unified School Board of Education. Our goal for the first annual public forum is for the candidates for Downey Unified School Board to take questions from different community organizations and citizens to help inform the community of the issues important to our schools and their stances on them.

We had a good turn out for our first Downey Candidates Forum for DUSD. A lot of good information and ideas were exchanged about our school district and the future of our kids. It was great for our stakeholders ( our residents and kids ) to know where our school board candidates stand on important issues affecting our community. Our electorate won tonight. Downey Former Mayors Coalition along with The Downey Patriot hosted tonight’s forum. Our moderator, Christian Brown did a great job. Thanks to all who care to make a difference.


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