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CA GOP Spring Convention 2017 – Getting Work Done

March 1, 2017

CA GOP Spring Convention 2017

Getting Work Done

Last weekend we had the organizing convention for the California Republican Party. For the past two years, I have proudly served as the Treasurer for the CA GOP, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve another term. During my time on the Board of the California Republican Party, I have seen so much improvement and hard work together as a Party. We want to fix the problems our state deals with, such as lack of affordable – housing, aging-infrastructure, public safety concerns and small business challenges.

We have many problems we need to focus on right here in California:

Crumbling infrastructure

The highest poverty rate in the nation

More young adults that make less than their parents

A housing crisis

Many failing schools

A job deficit

I am so honored to have received so much support from California Republican Leaders throughout the state to continue to serve as Treasurer. Thank you. I look forward to continue the hard work together. I wanted to Thank the California Legislative Leadership, the entire CA Republican Assembly Caucus, and the Log Cabin Republicans of California for your amazing support and endorsements.

I hope to continue to rebuild our party here in California and focus on the challenges in our state.


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