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Another Successful CA GOP Convention

September 29, 2015

Last weekend we had a great GOP convention in Anaheim. Three days of discussions about how we are changing the state of California. A lot of good people working hard to make a difference. This working weekend made me realize how far we have come ( and how much more we need to do ) here in California..I was honored to keynote this mornings’ Prayer Breakfast ( thank you to Assembly Caucus Leader Kristin Olsen for your kind introduction and service ). Then, as 1200 delegates gathered we adopted changes in our party platform that strengthens our values, reflects our diversity and makes us more inclusive. I’m proud of the steps we took and I’m honored to work with many good people on the Platform Committee. And then, as GOP Treasurer I was able to report to our delegates that our finances are strong and steady.

The California GOP is proud to have adopted a new party platform. To view further details regarding the new platform, please visit the CAGOP website at or click here.


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