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A Latino Republican’s View

July 28, 2016

A Latino Republican’s View

I did Spanish interviews recently with Univision. They came by my office on their way to Cleveland.

They wanted to know how it felt to be a Latino Republican in California. I told them the truth that Latinos want the same thing everyone else wants. Jobs and opportunities, good schools and education, and security for our families. Things that happen or are said nationally do not represent us locally many times. I repeated my quote that I believe elections are about addition and multiplications not division and subtraction. You can get things done with a gun but it’s better to do it with your heart and voice. And you get a voice when you get a seat at the table. You earn that seat by being involved, proactive and informed. We Latinos need to be informed voters just as anyone else. And just as important, we need TO vote..When asked about California’s future I told her about my optimism for the amazing people in our State. Yes, we have some crazy legislators in Sacramento and lot’s of people that want to spend other people’s money, but we, as a State, with all our warts and all, will not only survive but prosper. And so will our California GOP.

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